The Importance of Quality
12 Nov, 2021

At InvaPharm Inc., quality work in our manufacturing is not just a standard we hold ourselves to as a company, but a mantra we strive to embody as individuals. We take pride in being able to provide our clients with an end result that not only meets the vision for their dietary supplements, but surpasses it.

One of the the foremost parts of the process lies at the hands of our Quality team. InvaPharm’s quality control laboratory meticulously tests the raw materials used, finished products, packaging and other materials for purity, safety and effectiveness. Products are released after thorough analysis according to strict specifications, methods and procedures that comply with international guidelines as well as the requirements of our customers.

As the product moves on to production, our QC team continues to work closely with manufacturing to ensure that your product will meet or exceed established testing specifications. We cross-check manufacturing processes for compliance with written procedures every step of the way. Through regular in-house audits, we adhere closely to cGMP requirements and ensure the effective and swift production of your product.

Each one of us here at InvaPharm takes pride in their work. That is our promise to our customers.

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Kalpesh Bodar

Vice President