At the heart of any product is the “why” it was created and “who” it is going to help.. InvaPharm understands the need for science-based, effective products. We stay on the forefront of nutritional science, regulatory and quality requirements. We know the importance of keeping your formulas safe and effective. With on staff doctors leading these teams, you can ensure the formulations we create will be effective and the products you sell are safe.

Our talented formulation and development team consists of chemists, biochemists, pharmacists, and Ph.D.’s. Together, they can assist our clients in creating cutting-edge, science-based products and/or help revitalize existing product lines.

With our experience and intimate knowledge of the industry, InvaPharm can provide guidance to avoid costly mistakes and to ensure that all requirements for your products are met. The company also directs and participates in clinical research studies to establish health benefits and scientific validation supporting product claims.

InvaPharm provides unparalleled service to its customers for all formulation and product development needs.


Our product development services include pilot runs to provide seamless integrity of the formula and manufacturing steps. New products and formulas are researched and tested prior to full-scale production in order to avoid manufacturing delays. Pilot or sample runs of product formulations ensure stability and/or efficacy and determine ingredient interaction as well as customer satisfaction.


We have invested millions in building our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and laboratory designed specifically for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetic products. Our 60,000-square foot facility is cGMP certified by NSF and Organic certified by QAI. The manufacturing process begins when InvaPharm receives a customer’s purchase order and our state-of-the-art, USFDA compliant computer system manages all aspects of production including scheduling, raw material delivery, packaging coordination, and shipment tracking. Our facility is a full service, turnkey operation that allows InvaPharm to schedule flexible production runs to get your products to market faster, without sacrificing quality.

We offer a full range of contract manufacturing services including:

  1. Tablet Compression – Immediate release, Extended release, ODT, sublingual, bilayer, chewing gums and more. Daily Capacity is approximately 20 Million Tablets.
  2. Encapsulation – Size 1, 0, 00, 000 capsules. Vegetarian and Gelatin. Daily Capacity approximately 20 Million Capsules.
  3. Manufacturing in our state-of-the-art facility:
  4. Powders –Jars, Gusset Bags and Pouches. Daily approximate capacities 40,000 jars / 25,000 gusset bags / 30,000 pouches.
  5. Packaging – Our daily capacity is approximately 120,000 bottles.


Our packaging services provide our customers with an attractive product ready for the marketplace. We utilize automated, state-of-the-art, fully integrated bottling lines to package finished goods in high-speed fill rates and consistency with quality.