Quality Control

Lief dedicates 25% of our staff to Quality Assurance & Quality Control. At Lief, your products are manufactured in accordance to the latest FDA cGMP guidelines and in compliance with 21CFR Part 111.

Lief partners with quality suppliers to receive only the best ingredients. We will only use suppliers that have been approved through our internal qualification process. In addition, Lief performs tests to certify and validate the nutrition facts and vitamin

& mineral label claims are met and other hazardous elements, such as microorganisms, are not present. These tests are conducted on each raw material and all finished products. Testing is performed both internally and by reputable, qualified third party laboratories that have experience testing dietary supplements and understand our unique product requirements.

 All of our products are made in the USA.




Microbial Screening

USP Tablet Disintegration

Finished Product Testing

Gluten Free Testing


Active Component Potency Testing


Heavy Metals

ATP and Allergen Screening

Research & Development

Lief has a state-of-the art R&D laboratory to help our clients formulate innovative products and identify trends early. Our talented & knowledgeable staff consists of Chemists, Microbiologists, Engineers, Biotechnologists, Biologists, and Biochemists.

Lief also offers the best in-house stock formulations for your everyday needs. These proven formulas are both affordable, effective, and turnkey.

Contact us for our complete product list of proven in-house formulas. Whether it is product formulation, creating custom flavors, or using clinical ingredients; Lief will assist in product development by partnering with you to create a successful brand that will stay ahead of trends.

Certifications & Verifications

Good Manufacturing Practices

Lief is a NSF cGMP certified facility, which refers to current Good Manufacturing Practice. The regulations are enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). cGMPs provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes.


NSF is a certifier for GMP. Through the NSF, we can verify that your product has the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that appears on its label.


Lief can certify your products with BSCG, a quality assurance program to ensure athletes the product is free from any banned substances.

USDA Organic

Organic products continue to enter the market and are in high demand. Lief is a certified USDA Organic facility through Organic Certifiers, the leader in organic certifications. At Lief we can make your USDA certified organic products to differentiate you from your competitors. By being Organic Certified, you can ensure your trusted brand provides consumers with more choices in the marketplace. The USDA protects consumer options by protecting the integrity of Organic Seal. Any Organic operation violating the USDA organic regulations faces enforcement actions, which can include financial penalties or suspension/revocation of their Organic Certificate.

Organic Certifiers

We are happy to work with Organic Certifiers (OC) to ensure organic integrity of our products throughout the entire chain of custody. OC takes pride in providing reliable and efficient certification services. OC is the 3rd largest certification agency in California.

Lab Tested

Our products are all 3rd party laboratory tested to ensure purity, safety, and consistency.


Lief is a non “GMO compliant facility.” At Lief we can help you register your products with “Project Verified” and other certifying bodies.


Lief can manufacture Kosher compliant products. We believe passionately that Kosher laws form a crucial part of an all-encompassing belief of integrity and compliance. This belief guides us in all that we do and is the foundation upon which our organization is established. Our standards of being Kosher and customer service focused are continuously upgraded to remain “best-in-class”, and are a key component of Lief’s core values


Lief can manufacture Halal compliant products.


Lief is certified to provide products that are Gluten Free compliant. The Gluten Intolerance Group of North America (GIG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been empowering the gluten-free community through consumer support, advocacy, and education for over four decades.


Lief is a proud member of the NASC Preferred Suppliers. We are pre-qualified to supply services to NASC Primary Suppliers. Pre-qualification allows Primary Suppliers to accept and use the products and services without additional vendor qualifications and procedures required under NASC cGMPs. The program helps ensure total quality confidence throughout the entire supply chain, from start to finish.

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