Keep Grandpa Healthy with Vitamin E!
15 Sep, 2021

If your parents or grandparents are anything like my grandfather, they’re already probably taking a smorgasbord of vitamins and pills. As they continue to get older, it’s important to keep their immune systems fortified and healthy. Our older relatives become increasingly susceptible to illness and disease as their immune systems weaken – even the common flu can be dangerous for them.

A recent study in “Advances in Nutrition” suggests that Vitamin E is effective in improving immune system response, thereby reducing the risk of infectious disease, in aged adults. As the study also goes on to note that the elderly will need higher levels of vitamin E – roughly 200 IU/d – than the amount recommended for the average adult, taking dedicated vitamin E supplements is a highly recommended course of action.

It’s our collective goal to provide supplements that are both effective and palatable to our elders. InvaPharm can produce your brand’s Vitamin E capsule, powder & tablet supplements to meet both you and your customer’s demands – certified CGMP by NSF, and organic certified by QAI and USDA. Give us a call today!

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Kalpesh Bodar

Vice President