Fish Oil – Keep Your Head in the Game!
20 Aug, 2021

If you follow us on LinkedIn, you’ll remember we shared a great study last week on how omega-3 acids found in fish oil-based supplements have the potential to extend your life expectancy by up to five years. Let’s delve a little more into some of the potential benefits of fish products.

Fish powder is often used in capsule, tablet and powder supplements that boost your zinc, vitamin B-12, calcium, and iron, among others. Research has shown potential benefits in bolstering children’s diets with fish powder-based supplements to promote healthy growth.

Another recent study has examined the effectiveness of the omega-3 acids found within fish and fish oil in reducing significant migraine headaches. Pairing a reduction in the vegetable oils found in greasy foods with an increase in fish oil consumption, including via supplements, reduced the frequency of migraine headaches and the reliance on pain medications.

At InvaPharm Inc., we have valuable experience manufacturing supplements that utilize fish powder as a key ingredient as well as regularly package fish and krill oil-based soft gel supplements for clients across the globe. Our customers’ visions directly build upon the great health benefit that fish oil supplements can impart into your body.

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Kalpesh Bodar

Vice President