manufacturing facility

Located in beautiful Southern California, InvaPharm has an excellent state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the city of Ontario. InvaPharm is US FDA registered and is certified for current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) by NSF and UL and Sports by NSF. InvaPharm also have a foreign site license from Health Canada and is certified for ISO17025, USDA Organic, Kosher and Halal products. The facility is located about 10 minutes away from Ontario International Airport and about 45 minutes away from Los Angeles International Airport. InvaPharm’s manufacturing facility meets international pharmaceutical standards to support global distribution.


  • Total 60,000 Square feet for production and warehouse.
  • Full Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Facility.
  • Entire production facility constructed with modular clean room panels (no dry wall) to facilitate efficient cleaning.
  • Separate air-handling units for every production department, with classified filtration as per cGMP regulations.
  • No 90-degree angles in the entire production facility to avoid accumulation of dust.
  • Automated high-speed doors (two-door isolation chamber) in between all production departments to avoid cross contamination.
  • Temperature maintains at 70 F and 40% Relative Humidity in the entire production facility.
  • Negative pressure maintained in all the production rooms and Positive pressure maintained in all corridors to avoid cross contamination.
  • Each room is climate controlled with separate cooling units and HEPA filters to assure that the air in the room is clean and free of dusting.
  • Separate entry and exit for operators, materials, and service personnel.
  • A unidirectional flow of personnel and materials to promote optimum productivity
  • Dedicated & modular laboratories with the latest sophisticated instruments as per GLPs (Good Lab Practices).
  • Pharmaceutical-level microbiological testing laboratory with a dedicated Climate Control Unit.
  • Water Treatment system with RO (Reverse Osmosis) & EDI (Electron de Ionization) and PVP pipeline in loop form with a 5-micron filter and UV lamp for absolute purity of water.


With approximately 20,000 Square Feet with four docking areas, the warehouse is maintained under constant positive pressure to assure that outside air does not enter the warehouse. To further prevent the entry of outside air into the raw material and packaging warehouse, the receiving area is isolated from the main raw material warehouse area.