As a supplement contract manufacturer, InvaPharm’s mission is to provide the highest quality dietary supplements and nutritional products to health, wellness, and fitness brands.

We want you to feel confident promoting your product to your market.


From formulation to shipment, we stand by your product.

We don’t believe in shipping off the responsibility to a third party, and that’s why InvaPharm has a completely dedicated in-house team. Every part of the process is done under one roof.

You’ll Look Forward to Contacting Us

We believe that what really sets us apart from other supplement contract manufacturers is our philosophy of going above and beyond for every customer. Our goal is only the best customer service experience, and that mindset is present throughout the entire facility. We employ highly trained customer service representatives and sales staff so that you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Traditional Work Ethic Meets Modern Facilities

Our supplement manufacturing excellence is made possible by our state-of-the-art facilities. Whether it’s a piece of equipment or a new production method, we use and follow only the greatest advances in nutritional science.

Real Science Sells Supplements

Science has opened the flood gates in the nutrition industry, paving the way to a 150-billion-dollar market for brand owners. Here’s the rub: You need the science to back your supplement. Otherwise, you’ll go the way of those Bro Science products. Don’t get left behind! InvaPharm provides clinical research studies for your product. This allows you to show proven health benefits and scientific validation for your supplement.

Don’t Let Mistakes Cost You

Have you tried selling on Amazon just to have your application rejected because of confusing requirements? Let us help you with selling on Amazon. We’re not just a supplement contract manufacturer, we’ve also perfected the Prime experience for our clients. Not only do we have the certifications required for your product to be allowed on Amazon, but we also have experience and intimate knowledge of the industry. No more worrying about rejection letters, missed sales opportunities, and lost income. We’ll take care of Prime. You take care of your customers.